congas, bongos, timbales.

Craig Morrison is a professional percussionist with over 20 years experience playing on a number of continents across the globe. With his core instruments being Conga & Bongo drums (Cuban) and the Djembe drum (west African), Craig has a unique blend of Afro-Cuban style drumming and is skilled in using just about any other percussion instrument you could list (as well as some I can guarantee you have never even heard of!).

Having studied with a long list of master drummers around the world, including living in Guinea (west Africa) drumming 6 days a week for months with famed director of ‘Les Percussions des Guinee’ (Africa’s elite drumming supergroup) Craig has mastered the art of high energy drumming and continues to cause a frenzy on dance floors at music venues, festivals, weddings, corporate events and the like.

You should see him play a triangle or the maraca’s, let me tell you, it’s not the way we played them as kids!!

Craig has recently entertained Sir Richard Branson at 30,000 feet en route from South Africa to Australia and has supported the likes of Vanessa Amarossi, Guy Sebastian and has played at many star-studded events.

Craig is passionate about seeing kids get inspired, excited and involved in drumming, dance and drama, and using that to express themselves.

Over the span of his music career, Craig has run many music workshops for children, where it is all about getting the kids hands on and playing the instruments. Craig is highly skilled at making kids birthdays (or whatever the session may be for, be it mothers group, childcare centre, school activities etc), any general kids workshop, something to remember with his high-energy, enthusiasm and natural ability to work with kids of all ages. There is never a child who walks away unhappy. They will talk about it for months.

Craig has also been working closely with people who have varying degrees of intellectual and physical disability for over twenty years in both Australia and the United Kingdom. This includes running music / drumming workshops for both adults and children from five up to eighty years of age with great success.

Music has a unique way of reaching people at all levels, from all walks of life, in a way that nothing else can. With his many years of experience, Craig is highly skilled in facilitating that excitement and getting the best out of people, hence the launch of Kids on Congas.

With two young children of his own, Craig knows how to get the best out of kids, how to make them laugh and how to get them playing and loving music.

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