The latest offering from the Good Doctor, a prescription for some "Funky Good Times"

A Special thanks to all the wonderful and talented musicians that generously gave their time, enthusiasm, creativity and extreme talents to help create this album.

1. Funky Good Time (5.13) E Dixon-Valk
2. Life, Love, Everything (3.32) E Dixon-Valk
3. Monkey Puzzle (4.43) E Dixon-Valk, R Dixon-Valk
4.  Tonight (4.16) E Dixon-Valk
5.  Slip away (3.58) E Dixon-Valk
6. What Does It Mean (4.36) E Dixon-Valk, R Dixon-Valk
7. Low Rider (3.53) War
8. Over My Head (4.04) E Dixon-Valk
9. Lost For Words (5.19) E Dixon-Valk, C Marsh, L Gallen
10. Plastic Rap (3.12) E Dixon Valk
11.  What You Gonna Do About It (3.28) E Dixon-Valk, C Marsh, L Gallen, C Morrison
12.  Slowdown World (3.37) E Dixon-Valk, C Marsh
13.  The Angels (3.45) E Dixon-Valk, R Dixon-Valk
14.  On The Phone (2.49) E Dixon-Valk