2. THE MAGICIAN edu 3.58
3. EXPRESS YOURSELF c.wright & watts 103rd rythm band. 3.42
4. BIRTHDAY edu, a hill 3.56
5. PRICE TAG edu & r. dixon 3.05
6. MANANA edu , r. dixon & a. maher 3.10
7. JAZZY BABY edu 4.59
8. OCCASIONALLY edu & r. dixon 4.53
9. SHINE ON edu, r. dixon & k. bilham 4.42
10. READY edu & r. dixon 3.30
11. STAY TOGETHER edu & r. dixon 3.39
12. SIMPLE THINGS edu 3.33



Feel Good Revival

There's a ship in the ocean and it's going nowhere

all the crew and the cargo lost at sea

it's not to say that they haven't been given direction

it's just to say that they haven't been shown the way

to the feel good revival

we tend to like it when it's all laid out on the carpet

plush pile and silver spoons all 'round

the television holds your hand and wipes your bippy

the baby sitter of our hearts and minds

come on won't you come to me now,a little closer if you please

to the feel good revival

it's really simple when you stop to think about it

all you need is a desire to be free

everybody has a little burning passion

make it your life and the rest will come you'll see

come on when you gonna wake up

come on when you gonna see

come on when you gonna realise

its a matter of survival

to the feel good revival


The Magician

She took the stage like a messiah

i'm feeling cool to my desire

then she set the stage on fire this little magical girl

I'm in the very front row

there are others I know

who would like to take part in her magical world

and we sing.....

yeah yeah I think I'm in a good position

yeah yeah or is it just an aparition

yeah yeah she's my magical girl

she pulls a rabit from a hat

she caught my eye, and sent it back

she takes my mood a little higher this little magical girl

she calls me up onto the stage

I think my time has come of age

she's gonna play her tricks on me this little magical girl

and I sing....

shes got the wand in her hand and I raise to her command

Oh I can hardly stand it my little magical girl

I levitate above the table I wanna leave but I'm not able

then she saws me in half my little magical girl

or is it just an illusion

the way she plays her tricks on me

and I find myself in a state of confusion

I just dont know what to believe

Magic... shes just a little bit....